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Intuitive Coaching

This can be used in conjunction with other holistic therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.  Therapist fully qualified in Complimentary Therapies as well as Stress Management, Mental Health & Wellbeing (In Children & Adults), Lifestyle Advice & Pathological Processes/Anatomy & Physiology.

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Health & Wellness Assessment

1 hour meeting (in person or online) which explores and reports the integrated factors which may be contributing to your current circumstances on a physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Thus giving you an insight into factors which you may be able to alter and action plan for rebalance.


Reflexology with insight/advice

1 hour session of this ancient foot therapy which works the nerves pathways of the body, using a range of techniques.  This is turn stimulates healing responses in each system of the body.

Golden Chakra

Reiki & Guided Chakra Rebalance 

1 hour Hands on treatment conducted in person or by guided experience through video or audio call.  This session helps to disperse any emotional baggage and promote healing, gently begin to remove imprints on the energetic field surrounding the being.  Based on ancient, eastern and shamanic theories and practice.  Using prompts & visual aids.

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Therapeutic Massage & Reflexology

This incorporates a 30 min massage with optional use of essential oils on the back, neck, shoulders or back of the legs (client's choice).  Just when you are floating in tension-free mode, you will then receive 1 hour of Reflexology treatment.

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Attunement Session

2 hour session of Reflexology, Reiki, Guided Ceremony & Oracle Card Reading

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Reflexology & Oracle Card Guidance

This experience is designed to give you the gorgeous benefits of Reflexology alongside intuitive guidance/sharing.  This foot therapy ancient practice will help to stimulate healing, as well as work as an energy medicine to give insight into your wellbeing.  Whilst in this mode, using guidance from your soul guides, angels and the universe can be particularly useful.  It is also your opportunity to receive better clarity on any obstacles and your life path and lessons.  45 mins Reflexology, 30 mins Card Guidance

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Reflexology & Reiki

As well as the 45 mins of Reflexology, you will receive 30 mins of Reiki (Usui)
This will be catered to your own needs whether that be guided, prompted or by silence/using healing frequency music.

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Oracle Card Guidance & Attunement Meditation

This experience is designed to give you the serene benefits of guided meditation alongside intuitive guidance/sharing.  After a 20 min Oracle Card Guidance session, using prompts and a short guided experience, you will re-program to re-engage with the world and our human experience. 30 mins.

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Reiki & Oracle Card Guidance

Receive the benefits of guidance from the universe, alongside the energy medicine approach of Reiki and guided prompts to attune you to re-joining the world with better insight and balance.
30 mins of each.
£35 (concession/benefits recipient)


Initial Consultation

A free 10 min consultation can be arranged to decide which sessions may suit your individual needs.  This can be in person at location, telephone or virtual.


Chinese Elements Assessment

An evaluation of various symptoms, status of the body & mind based on ancient traditional Chinese therapies.  You will receive an insight into what particular nerve pathways, organs or areas are imbalanced and in need of attention. 30 mins.

Special Offer

Discounted Courses Of Treatments

You will receive £20 off any courses of treatment that are paid & purchased up front (course is 5 being more sessions).


Gift Vouchers

Are available for all treatments and can be posted or dropped off to local customers.  Bookable through the bookings system or get in touch for cash payment/drop off/collection.


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