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Workshops & Seminars

A fully qualified Holistic Therapist with further qualifications in Lifestyle Guidance, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine.  She has worked within high pressured corporate environments and within the filmmaking/performance industry. 

Additionally she has first hand experience of chronic illness and the effects of lifestyle, stress, anxiety and keeping up with society's imagined expectations.  

This experience turned her to a holistic way of life and committed her to helping change lives within our communities and the collective.

Workshops can be moulded to suit the environment and client group.  Some examples of the subject matters are...

  • What 'Holistic' actually means

  • Our 'Quick Fix' Society

  • Society's Increasing Health Problems & How We Can Implement Change

  • Habitual Modes of Thinking & Living

  • The definition of 'healthy' and how it can be skewed

  • Media & Technology Influence

  • Inflammatory Foods

  • Gut & Brain connection

  • The Root of Disease

  • The Effects of Stress On The Body

  • Adrenal Response

  • How Illness Can Manifest

  • Rebalancing/Resetting The Body

  • Hydration

  • Imagined Expectations

  • 'Achiever' Mode

  • Kindness, Compassion, Cause & Effect

  • Working With Energy Frequencies

  • Inflammatory Factors

  • Gratitude

  • Past Wounds & Mending Your Future

  • Using Meditation & Manifesting

  • Helpful & Not So Helpful Stress Management Techniques

  • The more silent crisis's within our culture