Who I Am and What I Do

My Background

I’ve been a professional Holistic Therapist since 2016.  I was a bit of a late starter to lifestyle & wellbeing, starting 'official' studies in my 30s.  My life studies started early...when I realised at a young age that I was very sensitive to energy, other's suffering and environmental worries.  

I had struggles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after having to drop out of drama school aged 21. 

Constant home moves, emotional stress, failed jobs and feeling the weight of cultural expectations, I eventually came to manifest other rare conditions. 

It was in the depths of my own desperation for answers that I came to learn about how we manifest disease, habitual patterns and unhealthy ways of living.  It was through my own breakthroughs, that I decided to dedicate myself to spreading the word and empowering others with knowledge and treatments that naturally integrate in rebalancing the body, mind, energetic field.

As well as my passion for this, I am also quite a creative person who has been involved in Acting, Filmmaking and creative forms of expression such as Poetry and Writing, Singing from an early age.  I host a radio show for community radio station SunnyG, as well as podcasts available through various platforms. 

I love to amalgamate my newer found awareness and spiritual topics into media & creative projects. 

Qualifications In:

Lifestyle Advice

Stress Management

Mental Health & Wellbeing in Children & Young People

Advanced Reflexology

Clinical Aromatherapy

Indian Head Massage

Body Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Seated Acupressure 


Ear Candling

Foot Reading

Anatomy & Physiology

Human Pathological Processes

Acting & Performance

Radio Broadcasting

Communication Skills

Health & Safety Legislation

Business Planning