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The main point I would like everybody to understand from this review is the fact that Saffron has an approach that examines your health, lifestyle and whole way of being in a holistic manner.  Most problems don't appear for a singular reason.  Doctors treat symptoms and are amazing at what they do, but they simply don't have the same amount of time to help you to fully understand and appreciate why something might be happening physically to you.  That means you walk away thinking medication can cure you of your ailments, when in reality it only treats the symptoms.

Matthew J., North Ayrshire


I know that Saffron was a light in my wife's life when she was ill.  She was caring, compassionate and very skilled when it came to carrying out Reflexology.  My wife found major benefits to her body and soul afterwards and made a difficult time much more bearable.  If this is the improvement she can give, I would thoroughly recommend her services.  She worked wonders EVERY time.

Craig S, Fife


Saffron is one of the kindest and nicest people I have ever met.  Not only does she give amazing Reflexology but she will also tell you the areas of your body that she felt had tension etc during it and will give you lots of advice.  I would never go anywhere else.  Absolutely outstanding.

Bayley Family, Renfrewshire


If looking for treatments and would like a kind and friendly therapist, you have come to the right place.  Very professional and goes above and beyond to help you understand what's going on with your mind and body.  I cannot thank Saffron enough for her guidance and treatments over the past year or so.

Geraldine H, Renfrewshire


Had a taster Reflexology session at a wellbeing event.  I have never had Reflexology before and I am now totally converted.  Saffron put me totally at ease and at times I wasn't even aware she was touching my feet.  Great idea giving clients bluetooth headphones with such relaxing music.  Already recommended to 3 other people.

Jan G, Renfrewshire


An amazing, caring, understanding person.  Her knowledge and intuition blows me away with each treatment I have with her.  She has helped me through some difficult times and helped me get over them in a natural way from dietary/supplements advice and her holistic treatments.

Carole F, Inverclyde


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